Watt to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 435 LONDON, 26 November 1945, 8.09 p.m.


In accordance with agreement on control machinery in Austria (see telegram D.1368 of 3rd August [1]), the Allied Council have agreed in principle that military missions should now be accepted in Austria. In view of the practical difficulties, such as the shortage of accommodation and fuel in Vienna, they have decided that each application for accrediting of mission should be examined on its merits.

The Council has already accepted applications from the Yugoslav and Czechoslovak Governments, no objection being raised to the latter’s proposal to appoint civilian as head of mission.

The Dominions Office advise that if the Commonwealth Government wish to accredit an Australian military mission, the United Kingdom Government would be glad to communicate this wish to the Council. They add that there would appear to be no objection to accrediting our military mission in Germany to the Council for Austria should we so desire, but a decision as to the acceptability of such a proposal would rest with the Allied Council.

Please advise. [2]


1 In AA : A3195, 1945, 1.25198.

2 In cablegram EL21, dispatched from Washington to London 29 November, Evatt replied that the opportunity of sending a Military Mission to the Council should not be missed. On file AA : A1066, E45/4/4.


[AA : A1066, E45/4/4]