Addison to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram 489 LONDON, 27 November 1945, 8.50 p.m.


Thank you for your telegram of 21st November No. 415 [1] about negotiations with Siam.

We recognise the Australian Government’s interest in developments in Siam and have had it in mind throughout negotiations to date.

But your telegram under reply is the first indication which has reached us that the Australian Government wish to take part. [2] As negotiations are now in an advanced stage we are as a first step consulting Mr. Dening.

I will telegraph again as soon as possible.


1 Document 400.

2 The Commonwealth Govt had in fact advised Bruce in cablegram 168, dispatched 2 August, that it wished to be a part principal to the contemplated agreements regarding Siam, and instructed him to inform the Domminions Office acccordingly. On file AA : A1066, P45/49/1.


[AA : A1838/2, 453/10/1/2]