Chifley to Evatt and Lavarack

Cablegram 1917 CANBERRA, 13 December 1945


Your cablegram No.E.65 of 8th December. [1] The detailed United States reply has been communicated to the British Commonwealth Governments concerned who have been informed that certain aspects appear to require further consideration and consultation between the Governments concerned before the principles enunciated by the United States Government can be accepted in full. In order to facilitate this, the United States reply is being examined urgently by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Australia and their views will be communicated to the Governments concerned at the earliest practicable date.

2. In the meantime, will you please formally acknowledge the United States Government’s reply and inform them that we are consulting the other British Commonwealth Governments concerned on the matter and will communicate with them again as soon as possible.


1 Document 440.


[AA : A816, 52/301/223]