Evatt to Makin

Cablegram 471 OTTAWA, 15 December 1945, 9.44 p.m.


I have already spoken to Dunk and Burton and London in connection with Australia’s prospective candidature for the Security Council and Economic Council at the forthcoming assembly in London. I would now propose that an approach should be made not through the Delegation at London but direct to all Governments to be represented in the Assembly requesting support for Australia’s candidature for these two Councils. I feel that if I were in London it would be easier to succeed because of personal contacts made in San Francisco. At the same time this step should hold.

There is so much bargaining on other questions and horse trading going on in London that there is reason to fear that a series of legal bargains and trades for indirect purposes might result in the exclusion of Australia from the Security Council. This can best be forestalled by a dignified note on the lines mentioned below. The timing of the note is important. It should not be delayed too long otherwise commitments or trades might be made.

The note should be presented in my name as Minister for Foreign members of Governments represented at London. The note might take the following form.- (1) The Minister for External Affairs of Australia presents his compliments to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of……… in connection with elections to the Security and Economic Councils to be made at the forthcoming meeting of the United Nations in London.

(2) The principles governing the election of non-permanent members of the Security Council are set forth in Article No. 23 of the Charter which provides that in the election of non-permanent members of the Security Council ‘due regard’ shall be ‘specially paid’ to the contribution to the maintenance of Security etcetera and also to ‘Geographic distribution’.

(3) I desire to point out that Australia by her past military contributions to the success of the Allies in two world wars which were fought to establish international security has made very substantial contribution to international security and has thereby established a very strong claim to election as one of the non- permanent members of the first Security Council.

(4) In addition the geographic situation of Australia is important and shows that in the South West Pacific an important and distinct geographic zone-could in the first election be properly represented by Australia.

(5) It is believed by the Minister that your Excellency requires no elaboration in this note with regard to Australia’s war effort and sacrifices in the cause of victory in both world wars in nearly every theatre of war. These particulars are so recent and so well-known that it is almost universally recognized that proportionately speaking Australia’s war efforts have been second to none and that in very important phases of the war her contribution was of decisive importance.

(6) It is submitted that it would be contrary to the plain intendment of Article No. 23 of the Charter if Australia in such circumstances were not to be elected to one of the six places to be filled by the Assembly.

(7) With regard to candidature to membership of Economic Council reference need only be made to the part taken by Australia in social and economic legislation over a very long period of years and to the contribution made in this respect by Australia at many previous international conferences.

(8) Australia therefore respectfully requests the support and cooperation of your Government in the election of Australia as a nonpermanent member of the first Security Council and also as a member of the Economic Council at the United Nations.



[AA : A1838 T189(SV), 854/4/2]