Addison to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram D2268 LONDON, 20 December 1945, 10.15 p.m.


My telegram 19th December D. No. 2264 [1] atomic energy. We agree generally with the United States proposals.

2. We have informed the United Kingdom Delegation at Moscow that we consider that the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council together with Canada should join in sponsoring the proposal at first meeting of the United Nations General Assembly in January and that the United States, United Kingdom and Soviet Governments should join in recommending this procedure to the Governments of Canada, China and France.

3. We have considered very fully the question whether the Commission should report to the Assembly or to the Security Council. International problems created by this new discovery are largely problems of security and Security Council should therefore be given the responsibility for approving any action proposed.

This point of view is likely to be put forward by the Soviet Government. On the other hand, as the United States Delegation have pointed out, if the Commission were responsible to the Assembly its debates could not be stifled by veto; the Security Council could deal with those parts of the Commission’s reports which come within its jurisdiction but there would be likely to be many constructive proposals falling within competence of the Assembly and not within jurisdiction of the Security Council; to put the Commission under the Assembly would emphasize the constructive and peaceful side of its work. The importance of the security aspect will in any case be emphasized if the Commission is composed as suggested by the United States Delegation. We are therefore disposed to accept the proposal that the Commission should report to the Assembly, latter could discuss its report and remit it to the Security Council for examination and action on security aspects. But it should be within the competence of the Assembly thereafter to refer other aspects to the Economic and Social Council or any other suitable body for such action as might be cleared by the Security Council as free from secret objection.

4. We should have preferred the proposed terms of reference should include [2] procedure by stages on the lines of the first sentence of paragraph 8 of the Tripartite Statement of 15th [November]. [3]

5. The United States Delegation, Moscow have now officially circulated their proposals to the Soviet and the United Kingdom Delegation, including amendment to meet the point in paragraph 2 above.


1 Document 467.

2 A sign here indicates ‘mutilated’.

3 Document 393.


[AA : A1066, E45/1/30]