Addison to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram 537 LONDON, 21 December 1945, 9.30 p.m.


Thank you for your telegram of 19th December No. 465 [1] (Far East) of which the Foreign Secretary was at once informed.

2. It will be seen from my telegram to-day D. No. 2282 [2] that with your position fully in mind he has done his best to meet it.

3. As regards the Allied Council in Tokyo and the Far Eastern Commission we trust that the proposals in my telegram under reference in as we expect they are most we can secure will be acceptable to you. It is proposed as will be seen that they should be recommended to other countries represented on the Far Eastern Commission.

4. As regards Korea we note your paragraph 5. You will now have seen my telegram 20th December D. No. 2266 [3] and we shall keep in touch with you.


1 Document 464.

2 Document 473.

3 On file AA : A1066, E45/1/30. It summarised a paper prepared by the U.S. delegation at Moscow on unified administration of Korea under a four-power trusteeship.


[AA : A1066, E45/1/30]