Department of External Affairs to Eggleston

Cablegram 1980 CANBERRA, 25 December 1945, 12 noon

The King has given his informal approval to the appointment of the Hon. Norman John Oswald Makin, M.P., as Australian Minister to the United States. Details of Mr. Makin’s career will be known to you from official publications and Who’s Who. Please obtain agreement of the United States Government.

For your own information it is proposed that Mr. Makin will retain his seat in the House of Representatives and his portfolio as Minister for Navy, Munitions and A/C Production for the present.

This we assume need not be communicated to the United States authorities formally. [1]


1 The Australian Legation in Washington was raised to the status of embassy on 10 July 1946. Makin’s appointment as Australia’s first ambassador took effect from 15 August 1946 and he resigned his portfolio from that date.


[AA : A3300, 45/351]