Evatt to Churchill

Cablegram 50 CANBERRA, 27 February 1945

For Oldham from Evatt.

Please hand the following to Mr. Churchill for himself alone from me.

(1) Please accept my thanks for your message about Poland. [1] The matter looked likely to cause some mischief but I think the local criticism has been faithfully dealt with.

(2) An official reply is going to Dominions Office from Australia regarding conference of British Commonwealth, preliminary to San Francisco conference. [2] Our representatives at both conferences will be Forde, and myself. For your personal information only my opinion is that there is solid advantage in London as location as opposed to Canada. For instance, Australia as well as Canada, has desires in relation to membership of the proposed Security Council and on general ground it seems to me that decisions could be made more effectively in London where your influence and interest could be exerted on the spot.

(3) There are great problems ahead of us all but they are nothing compared to the series of war crises you surmounted to secure the survival of Britain and to earn the undying gratitude of us all.



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