Addison to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram 543 LONDON, 28 December 1945, 2.35 p.m.


You will have seen that it has been agreed at Moscow that the Allied Council in Tokyo should be a body of four and that the British member should represent jointly Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and India. It will now be necessary to consider the selection of the British member. Cabinet after full consideration are entirely agreeable for their part that in view of Australia’s special interest in this area, the British member should be nominated by the Australian Government in consultation with the United Kingdom, New Zealand and India.

2. We should be glad of views of Australian and New Zealand Governments. [1]


1 W. Macmahon Ball, Australian political scientist, was appointed British Commonwealth Member on 27 February 1946.


[AA : A1066, E45/1/30]