Commonwealth Government to Cranborne

Cablegram 8 CANBERRA, 11 January 1945


Your D.1827. [1] In our view the vital consideration is to establish a world organization at the earliest possible moment.

Therefore we see advantages in President’s proposed compromise if it is acceptable to Soviet Russia.

2. We emphasize that question of voting on Security Council should not be considered in isolation from other aspects of World Security Plan. Some of these other aspects are mentioned in resolutions on world organization agreed to by Australian and New Zealand Governments at Wellington Conference. Other important aspects are referred to in Canadian telegram No. 245 [2] and in views communicated to Dominions Office by South African Government. [3] They should be considered as part of the general plan.

3. We agree with suggestion for early United Nations Conference.

Unless organization is established within reasonable time, opposition to it will increase its strength and difficulties of President will be increased. At the same time, the whole plan should be considered at a preliminary conference of United Kingdom and Dominion Governments and we strongly endorse suggestion of South Africa to this effect.

[matter omitted]


1 See Document 1, note 1.

2 Dispatched 22 December 1944. It referred to difficulties in associating the ‘Middle Powers’ with the functions of the Security Council and with the enforcement of peace. In AA:A3195, 1944, Folder, Inwards Most Secret Master Sheets, except from Secdomin and Bruce, 1.45543.

3 The South African Govt’s views were repeated to the Commonwealth Govt by Bruce in cablegram 3A dispatched 8 January. On file AA:A1066, H45/765.


[AA: A1066, H45/765]