Cranborne to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram D445 LONDON, 15 March 1945, 6.35 p.m.


London Meeting The scope of the forthcoming discussions is, we think, generally agreed. The main discussions would seem to fall naturally under the headings:-

(1) Dumbarton Oaks proposals, with special reference to comments by British Commonwealth Governments.

(2) Territorial Trustee-ship (my telegram 12th February D. No.

429). [1]

Other possible questions are:-

(3) The future of the Permanent Court of International justice (my telegram 12th March D. No. 427 [2]).

(4) The future of the League of Nations (a paper on this subject is being prepared).

2. If other British Commonwealth Governments have any suggestions to make under these or other headings we should be glad to have them as soon as possible.


1 On file AA:A1066, P45/153/2, i. It was in fact dispatched 12 March.

2 On file AA:A1066, H45/765/5.


[AA: A1066, H45/772]