Forde to Curtin

Cablegram SFC2 SAN FRANCISCO, 27 April 1945, 12.23 a.m.

The Conference opened yesterday and each of the Chairmen of the 46 Delegations met today as a Steering Committee which is the most important Committee of the Conference. As Chairman of the Australian Delegation, I was made a member with a vote. Arranged for Evatt to attend as adviser when any special matter on which he might like to state his views is being considered, but he will not have a vote. If Australia succeeds in getting one of the fourteen seats on the Executive Committee, I will ask Evatt to represent me on that Committee.

I have a seat on the Steering Committee at the top of the table next to Molotov and two places from the Chairman, Stettinius then Dr. Soong [1], China, Eden, United Kingdom and Paul Spaak [2], Belgium.

The second plenary session held this afternoon and the Steering Committee will meet tomorrow morning. I will speak for Australia at the Plenary session tomorrow, Friday afternoon at 3.30. It is expected that the Conference will last about five weeks.


1 Chinese Foreign Minister.

2 Belgian Foreign Minister.


[AA : A1066, H45/771/1]