Chifley to Truman

Cablegram 670 CANBERRA, 8 May 1945

On behalf of the Government and people of the Commonwealth of Australia, I take this opportunity to express to you and through you to the people of the United States our deep satisfaction and thankfulness at the successful conclusion of the war in Europe. We have followed with feelings of admiration and gratitude the important part which the fighting forces of the United States have taken in achieving so signal a victory for the United Nations cause. At the same time we extend our deep sympathy to those whose relations and friends have died in battle.

In this hour of success we recall the grateful work of the late President Roosevelt whose devoted and self-sacrificing efforts contributed so largely to the victory which has now been won.

To you and to the United States Government I convey the thanks of Australia for the co-operation which has been so freely given by your country and I assure you of Australia’s determination to pursue with the utmost vigour our effort for the defeat of Japan.



[AA : A3300 T1, 1945, Box 2]