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The Vintage Face Depot

Update your look with our vast selection of vintage visages

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Time for a change?

The Vintage Face Depot services all your face replacement needs. Our special bot-powered fitting service automatically matches you with a face drawn from our large stock of vintage visages.





View more of our successful face replacements.

Automated fitting service

Simply tweet a photograph of yourself to @facedepot. Within minutes our bot will reply with an image of the new you. Marvel at the transformation!

To assist you in learning more about your new face, our bot includes a link to the newspaper article from which the replacement was obtained. Who will you been matched with? Twists and surprises await!

View a sample tweet below.

Sample tweet

For best results your photograph should have an even contrast and your facial features should be visible.

Our faces

Our vintage visages our extracted with care from the vast collection of digitised newspapers available through Trove. At the present moment we have almost 4,000 faces in stock, dating from 1880 to 1910. Many more will be added soon!

Behind the scenes

The workings of our bot are available for public scrutiny and reuse.

The story of our establishment and reception is recounted here for your enjoyment.

For those of a more reflective turn, some of the reasons for our creation are considered in Unremembering the Forgotten and The Perfect Face.

Adventurous face builders are welcome to employ our Face API to develop their experiments.

The Vintage Face Depot was created by Tim Sherratt (@wragge).