Sir Henry Gullett, Minister for External Affairs, to Sir Walford Selby, U.K. Ambassador to Portugal

Cablegram unnumbered 4 July 1939,

Darwin-Dilli air service. Your telegram 14th June. [1] Note is now being drafted and text should reach you before end of this month.


Meanwhile Minister for Civil Aviation [3] proposes to visit Dilli personally this month to make local inspection.



1 Document 102.

2 See Document 130. For correspondence between the Departments of Civil Aviation and External Affairs over drafting of the note see file AA: A981, Aviation 50.

3 J.V. Fairbairn. The visit took place on 22 July 1939. See Sydney Morning Herald, 24 July 1939, p. 11.


[AA: A981, AVIATION 50]