Lt Col W.R. Hodgson, Secretary of Department of External Affairs, to Mr A.T. Stirling,

Cablegram 29, 16 May 1939

External Affairs Officer in London

Reference your 107. [1] As difficulty has arisen in connection with delivery mail matter addressed Consul General Czechoslovakia but claimed by Consul General Germany would be glad urgent advice what course being pursued by United Kingdom authorities. [2]


_1 Document 72.

2 The Czechoslovakian Consul-General in Sydney, Frantisek Kveton, retired and surrendered his office to the German Consul-General, Dr R. Asmis, on 27 March 1939. This transfer was not, however, recognised by the Australian Government, which continued to regard the Czechoslovakian Vice-Consul, Dr A. Solansky, as the representative of Czechoslovakian interests in Australia.


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