Mr A.T. Stirling, External Affairs Officer in London, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 176 LONDON, 16 May 1939


Your telegram No. 29. [1] Understand that United Kingdom Government has been considering the question of de facto recognition of the new status of Bohemia and Moravia by the withdrawal of the British Legation at Prague, and the appointment of a Consul General in its place. At the same time they would continue for the time being to accord diplomatic status to the Czechoslovakian Legation in London.

2. The Foreign Office today advised that the matter is under active consideration. They have now consulted the United States and French Governments. The United States see no objection to the above British proposal. The French, however, have raised certain points which will be cleared up.

3. Meanwhile, the Foreign Office advanced the opinion that the German Consul General at Sydney [2] does not possess a clear title to mail addressed to the Consul General of Czechoslovakia [3] since the successors to the Czechoslovak Republic are (a) Bohemia and Moravia, which have been annexed by Germany; (b) Slovakia; (c) Ruthenia which has fallen to Hungary; (d) Silesia, which forms part of Poland. Pending settlement of the above problems, the Foreign Office therefore consider that mail addressed to the Consul General for Czechoslovakia might continue on the above grounds to be delivered to him or held up.

4. You will by now have there S6696 of 3rd May reporting de facto recognition by United Kingdom Government of the new Slovakian Government. [4]



1 Document 87.

2 Dr R. Asmis.

3 See Document 87, note 2.

4 Not printed (on file AA: A981, Czechoslovakia 13, ii).


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