Sir Walford Selby, U.K. Ambassador to Portugal, to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram unnumbered LISBON, 31 May 1939, 11.59 a.m.

Your telegram of 25th May. [1] Minister for Colonies [2] informed the Commercial Secretary of this Embassy [3] on 26th May that he intended to arrive at a decision regarding the Timor Oil concessions before leaving with the President of the Republic [4] for Mozambique on June 20th. He added that it would not be possible to give Mr Dodson [5] the whole area he had asked for. The Commercial Secretary considers that he will give him the area covered by the old Staughton concession [6] and that Wittouck [7] has certain rights which cannot easily be rescinded.


1 Document 95.

2 Dr F.J.V. Machado.

3 A.H.W. King.

4 General A.O. Fragoso de Carmona.

5 A.R. Dodson, representative of Oil Search Limited.

6 See Documents on Australian Foreign Policy 1937-49, vol. 1, Document 49.

7 Serge F. Wittouck, Director of Asia Investment Company and President of Allied Mining Corporation.


[AA: A1608, L52/1/1]