Mountbatten to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram SAC25261 [COLOMBO], 14 October 1945, 5.23 a.m.


Received 15 October 1945

Further to SAC25255 131731. [1]

Have now had time to review the implication of your 131505 October. [2] Fully aware of your earnest desire to repatriate all Indonesians from Australia earliest. In view of this and present situation in Sumatra can now agree to accept repatriated Indonesians in Sumatra. They should disembark at Padang. You can rest assured that arrest or punishment by Dutch of these repatriated personnel will not be allowed.

Your paragraph 4. No objection here to your making direct enquiry Australian Force Commander at Dutch Timor.

Your paragraph 5. Arrival of Mr. Plumb and Mr. Warwick Coombe will be arranged.


1 Document 309.

2 Presumably Document 305.


[AA : A1838/2, 401/3/6/1/3, i]