Commonwealth Government to Fraser

Cablegram 210 CANBERRA, 16 October 1945

South Seas Regional Commission.

We are anxious to make an early approach to United States, United Kingdom and French authorities with a view to- (a) obtaining approval in principle to the establishment of the South Seas Regional Commission;

(b) securing the calling of a conference of experts representing interested governments, meeting in South or South-west Pacific, and recommending composition, functions and establishment of Commission.

We would appreciate your immediate comments on the proposal. Dr.

Evatt is anxious to take up the matter in Washington and if you are agreeable your Minister there might be instructed to support him in any discussions with United States authorities. [1]


1 Fraser agreed that it was desirable to establish the Commission as soon as possible, but, referring to discussion at Wellington in November 1944, asked whether any progress had been made towards prior agreement with the U.K. Govt upon a common line of action.

See his cablegram 185, dispatched 17 October, On file AA :

A1838/2, 342/3.


[AA : A1838/2, 342/3]