Commonwealth Government to Addison

Cablegram 465 CANBERRA, 19 December 1945


Your D.2221 [1], 2222 [2] and 2223. [3]

1. We assumed that any discussions at Moscow would be purely preliminary and exploratory, pending detailed review and final decision by all countries directly concerned in the matters under discussion.

2. It appears however that you envisage being placed in a position in which you will be compelled to give a definite indication of your attitude to the questions raised in your cables to us.

3. In regard to the Far Eastern Commission (your D.2222) terms of reference we remain uncompromisingly opposed to the four power veto which could paralyse the work of the Commission.

4. We do not feel that the institution of a four power Allied Council in Tokyo is satisfactory. It denies to yourselves and to Australia the right of independent representation on the Council to which we are both entitled and which was recognized in the London terms. We think you should do everything in your power to sustain this point of view.

5. In the case of Korea we feel that a direct United Nations Trusteeship is preferable. Nevertheless we will be willing to accept a Trusteeship in which Australia will be one of the Trustees.

6. We feel it should be made clear to the United States and Soviet representatives that when matters affecting the future of the Pacific are being considered, Australia, as a major belligerent in the war, and as a nation whose security and welfare is so intimately bound up with the future of the Pacific area, should participate directly with other nations concerned.


1 Document 450.

2 See Document 454, note 2.

3 Document 451.


[AA : A1066, E45/1/30]