Australian Delegation, U.N. Preparatory Commission, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 12542 LONDON, 19 December 1945, 1.10 p.m.



Reference UNO14 3rd December-Trusteeship. [1]

1. Between 3rd and 8th December, Committee 4 was engaged in finishing the examination of rules of procedure for Trusteeship Council. Finally, drafting sub-Committee consisting of Australia, Belgium, Canada, Nicaragua, Syria, Ukraine and Yugoslavia was set up to prepare revised text. Bailey was elected chairman of the sub-Committee and revised text was accepted by the Committee with no alteration of any importance.

2. Debate on Interim Trusteeship Committee was not resumed until 8th December by which time Yugoslavia had presented recommendation framed in accordance with previous proposal. [2] United Kingdom, United States, Philippines and Belgium had submitted written proposals. (See documents PC/TC 6 8 10 24 and 25). After debate sub-Committee consisting of Belgium, Soviet, Syria, United States, United Kingdom and Yugoslavia was appointed to consider various proposals. Sub-Committee has held several meetings and its report to Committee is delayed while Soviet is obtaining instructions from Moscow. These instructions have been requested on the following resolution proposed by United Kingdom and United States which we understand will probably be ultimately accepted by sub- Committee. Begins:

‘General Assembly expresses the hope that measures will be taken soon as possible for implementation of Article 79 of Charter providing for conclusion of special agreements on Trusteeship terms for each territory to be brought under Trusteeship System and calls in particular on State Administering Territories in accordance with League Nations Mandates to be prepared with other States directly concerned to take necessary practical steps to this end.

General Assembly expects that States directly concerned will conclude above-mentioned agreements as soon as possible so that such agreements could be submitted for approval in regard to non- strategic areas by General Assembly if possible not later than second part of its first session and by Security Council in regard to strategic areas.’ Ends:

In light of events we believe our instructions from Dr. Evatt enable us to support this compromise.

3. Committee is at the present time considering proposal by Philippines Representative for insertion of provision in rules of procedure for election by Trusteeship Council once every three years of spokesmen for inhabitants of territories. Spokesmen would serve as means of expressing wishes of people to Trusteeship Council. (See Document PC/TC/16 and UNO/REP12 [3]). Sub-Committee appointed to consider proposal failed to reach agreement and referred back to Committee majority recommendation by China, United Kingdom and South Africa providing for consultation between Trusteeship Council and Administering Authority with view to making arrangements to enable people to express wishes to Trusteeship Council. Sub-Committee also referred back proposal by Ukraine Representative not to insert any new rule of procedure but to recommend that General Assembly call upon Trusteeship Council to ensure Trust Agreements include provision for expression of wishes of the people. At the meeting 17th December Committee decided to adopt Ukraine proposal as basis for further discussion.


1 On file AA : A1066, H45/771/3.

2 See Document 432.

3 Dispatched 14 December. On file AA : A1066, H45/777/4/3.


[AA : A1066, H45/771/3]