Convert a query from the Trove web interface into a set of parameters that can be used with the Trove API.


pip install trove-query-parser

How to use

  • Construct a search in the Trove 'Newspapers and Gazettes' category.
  • Copy the search url.
  • Feed the url to the parse_query function

The second parameter to parse_query is the Trove API version number. The default is 2 for backwards compatibility.

from trove_query_parser.parser import parse_query

parse_query('', 3)
{'q': 'wragge',
 'l-artType': 'newspapers',
 'l-state': ['Queensland'],
 'l-category': ['Article'],
 'l-illustrated': 'true',
 'l-illustrationType': ['Cartoon'],
 'category': 'newspaper'}

See the documentation for a more detailed example.


Currently this only works with the 'Newspapers & Gazettes' category. Other categories may be added in time.

Created by Tim Sherratt (@wragge) for the GLAM Workbench.